This article describes how to set up a queue in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to receive email. 




- Email Address for inbound queue

- Business unit already created

- Owner to assign queue to

A. Create Email Router user


1. Log into the Control Panel with a user who has administrative privileges.


2. Select Create User on the left hand side.


3. Configure the user with the following settings:


Logon Name:

First Name: Email

Last Name: Router

Password: (anything)

Re-type Password: (anything)

CRM User Roles: System Administrator & System Customizer

CRM: Checked*

CRM License: Full


4. Select Create




B. Configure Queues in CRM web browser tenant


Note: you must have the email address you will be using for the inbound queue already created.


1. Log into your CRM site in Internet Explorer with the Email Router user you created. Usually the URL will look something like the following:


2. Click on Settings in the application area


3. Click on Business Management in the application navigation pane.


4. Click on Queues in the feature list.


5. Click on New to create a new queue


6. Configure the queue with the following settings. Items may differ from setup to setup and it is assumed you will customize this to your specific needs.


Queue Name: (anything)

Business unit: (depends on your setup)

Email: The email address that will be receiving the messages

Owner: (depends on your setup)

Convert to e-mail activities: (depends on your setup)

E-mail access type - Incoming: E-mail router

Email access type - Outgoing: If you will be sending email from this address select E-mail Router, if not select None.

Allow credentials for the E-mail Router: Checked*

User Name: Email address that will be receiving messages

Password: Password for Email address that will be receiving messages


7. Select Save & Close when finished.


8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for any other queues



C. Publish Queue


Send the following email to the support team.


I have followed all the steps in KB article "How to use the Email Router to route inbound mail to a queue." Please publish the Email Router for [Insert email address for Email Router]"