Are you trying to notify a new customer account with an acknowledgement E-mail? You will first need to create an E-mail template.

1. In CRM, select Settings from the lower left column. 

2. Under Business settings, select Templates then E-mail Templates.

3. You will now see some already constructed E-mail templates available to your organization. To create a new template, select New.

4. Choose the Template Type of the new E-mail template. Choosing Global will allow the template to be used in multiple entities.

5. Type in a suitable Title and Subject for your new template.

6. To add Data Field Values, to the body of your E-mail Template, Select Insert/Update.

7. Within the Data Fields Values window, select Add to choose the Record Type and Fields you wish to add. You can select multiple field values to be used and adjust each value's position in the template.

8. Click OK to add your selections to the body of the template. 

9. Click Save and Close to complete the construction of the new E-mail template.