Are you trying to create customer contracts in CRM 2011? You will first have to create a contract template before creating the customer contract. 

Please follow the steps provided to create a Contract Template

1. In CRM, select Settings from the left column.

2. Select Templates from the left column, then Contract Template.

3. Click New to open the New Contract Template form.

4. Fill in the following fields: NameAbbreviation.

5. Choose a Billing Frequency from the drop-down list.

6. Select an Allotment Type: Number of CasesTime, or Coverage Dates.

 -Number of Cases - Offer your services by the case or call. For example: You might offer a five-call support package which allows five support calls.

 -Time - You can provide you services for an amount of time. For example: You might offer a contract for five hours of time.

 -Coverage Dates - Set a time frame for your services. For example: You might offer unlimited support for 12 months from the date of purchase.

7. Contract Service Level, Discount, and Description are all optional.

8. In the Calendar area, click the days and hours to designate the availability of service resources for the agreement from 9:00:00am to 5:00:00pm, Monday through Friday. Select the 24x7 check box if support is 24 hours.

9. Click Save and Close.

Please Note: After you save a Contract Template, you cannot edit it.