This article provides a basic overview of the process to migrate an existing Dynamics CRM 2011 database from an in-house server or another hosted provider.

1. Obtain an updated CRM SQL Backup (.BAK) file from the existing host.  If you are using another hosted provider, the provider will need to generate the backup file for you.

2. If this is a new account, complete the sign-up page at
    If this is an add-on for an existing account, open a new support ticket by sending an email requesting the addition of the new CRM service.  This request must come from an authorized contact on the account.
    The new service will be provisioned on our network, and our support team will update you once the account is ready to access via the Control Panel interface.

3. Create all CRM users in the Control Panel with their assigned security roles.

4. Open a new support ticket by sending an email to .  In this email, state that you are requesting the migration of existing CRM 2011 data to a new hosted account.  Please provide confirmation that the hosted account has been provisioned in your Control Panel and all users have been created.  Be sure to also provide the following:

   - The new CRM account ID and domain.
   - The desired date for the migration.
   - The CRM SQL Backup (.BAK) file.

Our support team will confirm receipt of the CRM SQL Backup file and will confirm the desired migration date with the Engineering team.  Please note that the team may not be able to accommodate the requested date, and a re-schedule may be required.