Creating and Assigning a Service Request Case

1. In the Service area, click Cases to view the case list.

2. On the ribbon, on the Cases tab, click the New button to launch the New Case form.

3. In the Title field, enter a title.

4. Click the Lookup button next to the Customer field, and select an account.

5. Select a Subject category for the case.

6. Set the Case Origin field.

7. Set the Case Type field.

8. On the Case tab of the ribbon, click Save to create the case.

9. On the Case tab of the ribbon, in the Collaborate group, click the Assign button to assign the case to someone.

10. In the Assign to Team or User dialog box, select Assign to another user or team and use the lookup button to select another user record.

11. Click OK to assign the record to the selected user.