Importing a calendar into SharePoint 2010 must be done using Outlook 2010.

Outlook 2010

. In the SharePoint 2010 tenant, create the calendar that will contain the imported information.

2. Create any custom columns or views that are required for the imported calendar.

3. Open the new calendar.

4. Click on the Calendar tab under Calendar Tools.

5. Click Connect to Outlook.

6. Click Yes on the confirmation windows.

7. Enter your SharePoint login when prompted.

8. In Outlook, open the old calendar that will be imported.

· If this calendar is in a CSV file, it will need to be imported into Outlook first.

· If this calendar is from another version of SharePoint, it will need to be opened in Outlook from that SharePoint tenant.

9. With the old calendar selected, click on the View tab.

10. Click Change View

11. Select List

12. Click an item to select it, and then hit Ctrl + A to select all items.

13. Hit Ctrl + C to copy the items.

14. In Outlook, click on the new SharePoint 2010 calendar.

15. Click on the View tab.

16. Click Change View

17. Select List

18. Hit Ctrl + V to paste the calendar items into the SharePoint 2010 calendar.

19. Please allow a few minutes for Outlook to sync the items to the SharePoint site.