A SharePoint Web Part can be used to display information data from Lists, Forms, even Media Content.  

1. Log into your SharePoint 2010 Foundation site.

2. Choose the site you wish to add your Web Part to by selecting the site from the site tabs at the top. 

3. Once you have selected your site, from within the Ribbon, select Edit. 

4. Then click on Insert . Under Web Parts, click Web Part.

5. You can now begin adding your desired Web Part. Each Web part is sorted by way of the Category. Each category contains its owen associated web parts. Below is the ready features offered by SharePoint 2010 Foundation.

Lists and Libraries
Shared Documents
Site Assets
Site Pages
Team Discussion
Content Rollup
Relevant Documents
XML Viewer
HTML Form Web Part
Media and Content
Content Editor
Image viewer
Page Viewer
Picture Library Slideshow Web Part
Silverlight Web Part
Social Collaboration
Site Users
User Tasks

6. Once you have selected the desired Web Part, click Add.