Do you need to customize a custom list to work with a three-state workflow? The following article will show you how to add choice columns contain the tree-state elements required by the workflow.

How to Customize a Custom List.

1. Locate the Custom List you want to Customize. Within the ribbon, click on the List tab and select List Settings.

2. Under Columns, choose Create Column.

3. Under Column name, type in the name of the column that you want to use. The name you chose will specify the state values for the three-state workflow.

4. Under The type of information in this column is, select Choice (menu to choose from).

5. In the Additional Column Settings section,  type in the optional description for the column.

6.  Select Yes for Require that this column contains information.

7. Within the Type each choice on a separate line box, by default, three choice markers are present. Type three or more choice values that you want in this column. These values will become the states for the workflow.

8.Under Display choices using, choose how you want the choices to be displayed. You can selectDrop-Down MenuRadio Buttons or Checkboxes for multiple selections.

9. Under Allow 'Fill-in' choices, click No. This option is best used for black fields to be filled in.

10. Under Default Value, select choice for this column and add it to the default view for the list.

11. Click OK when completed.