Before anyone can access their Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or Dynamics CRM services, a user will first need to be created. This article will walk you through the steps in configuring a standard 'Full Access' user.

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel at

2. Once you have access to the Control Panel, under My Users, select Create New User.

3.  Each required field is labeled with an asterisks symbol(*). These fields are Password, Re-Type Password, Display Name and Login Alias. This section also contains an additional option, allowing the newly created user Admin privileges. Standard users will have no access to the control panel beyond there own personal information where as Administrators will have full access to all features.

4. Now select the proper Login Domain. If the account has been configured with multiple domains, simply select the drop down arrow to choice the user's primary domain.

5. To complete the creation of a user, scroll down and choose Submit changes. The user is now created. To enable Microsoft services, the user will have access to,  enable each corresponding service by moving the slider to the on position. Each service will contain additional options to configure.   

**For more information please review the following article:  Creating a Full Access, POP3 or IMAP Account