Need to cancel (terminate, delete, wipe) a domain? This article will walk you step by step.

Things to Note: 

* The UI will not wipe a domain on its own. There are a number of steps that you are required to take before you are able to cancel a customer account.

* If you cancel an account (domain) it will remove the domain COMPLETELY off of our network.

* You will be billed for the restoration of the data if you accidentally remove a domain and all of its services. NO EXCEPTIONS!

* If you would like a service (SharePoint, CRM and etc) removed from a domain, you are required to open a ticket with support. Our engineers will remove the service for you. This feature will be added to the new upcoming control panel soon.

* Accounts cannot be canceled if they are suspended.  You must reenable the domain prior to canceling.

1. Access the Partner Control Panel and login with your administrative credentials. Example:

2. Under 'My Customer' choose 'Customer List/Editor'.

3. Click on the Primary Domain Name that you wish to remove. 

4. In the above pane select  'Edit Customer' > Navigate to 'Cancel Customer' > Turn the slider to 'ON'.

5. You will receive a pop-up window "Are you sure you want to cancel this customer?" > Click'CANCEL CUSTOMER' 

6. 'Saving Data' will be displayed > 'Data Saved' will appear once completed, you have successfully removed the domain from your control panel and our network.