The following article contains step by step instructions to integrate your Outlook program to Microsoft CRM 2015.

1. Log into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 using Internet Explorer 10+

2. When you first log in, a small yellow bar will be visible below the ribbon. Select Get CRM for Outlook. Save and run the Outlook CRM 2015 plugin.

3. Select a location on your computer to save the installation files, and click OK.

4. Accept the Licensing Agreement and select Next.

5. Selecting Options will allow you to choose the Offline Capability. This allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook to be available for both online and offline modes. If this is a feature you will not use, select Install Now.

6. Once the installation process has completed, you will be prompted to restart Outlook if opened. Along the Top, Select the CRM Tab and press Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlookfrom the ribbon.

7. In the configuration window, type in the URL used to log into your Dynamics CRM 2015, then select Test Connection.

8. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM login window will appear. Type in your User Name and Password and Press OK to start testing the connection.

9. When the Test has completed, you will now see the organization Information populate. Select OK to start synchronizing your Outlook 2010 program with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.