This article provides the steps for enabling the Office 365 service for a Customer account.

Please note that Microsoft requires validation of the domain assigned to the Office 365 account.  Validation is performed via a TXT DNS Record that is sent to the Alternative Contact on the account via Email.  We recommend that you have access to the domain hosting provider and are ready to add the needed DNS record before proceeding with these steps.

1. Log into the Control Panel at with your administrative credentials.

2. Click on Hosted Services under the My Catalogs menu.

3. When the Hosted Catalog populates, click the Microsoft Office 365 service to expand it so you may choose the desired Licensing Service. Once a service has been selected, click on Review Order to finalize your purchase.

Note: Each created user consumes one available license seat. In example, if 5 total license seats are purchased, for office 365 Business Premium, only 5 users can be created to use those specific licenses purchased.

Service Description

- Office 365 Business Essentials: Is the Online Mailbox Only offering.

- Office 365 Business: Is the Online Office Software Only.

- Office 365 Business Premium: Is both the Office Mailbox and the Office Software.

Please note that you will be charged for each license allocated even if it is not assigned to a user or mailbox.

4. Before the system will process your order, you must first confirm each field is correctly filled out. Select Place Order to continue.

Note: Microsoft performs a series of domain and account validation checks. When submitting your order, Microsoft will validate the City and State as well as the domain being used for your order. If these items are not accurately filled in or if your domain is not registered or already in use within the Microsoft system, provisioning will fail.

5. Once you have placed your order, you will redirected to the Activity Center to await confirmation provisioning has succeeded. It is at this time the TXT verification E-mail is sent to the Alternative Address assigned to the customer account.

Note: If the Activity Center reports that the provisioning has failed, you may first wish to check you have entered the City / State / Zip Code information correctly, as this is the most common cause.

6. The following example is of the Microsoft DNS Verification process. The TXT Value must be added at the registrar level and must be completed within 1 hour after placing your Office 365 order as the DNS Validation Email will expire.

DNS Validation Email Example.

9. Once the TXT record has been correctly configured, return to the Hosted Catalog in the Control Panel. Click on Validate DNS to perform the Validation. If the previous DNS Validation record has expired, you can Resend the DNS Validation Email to the previously supplied Email Address to have a new verification TXT value generated.

10. If the DNS record validates successfully, you will be redirected to your Users list where you can begin managing your users. The Office 365 is now enabled for the Customer account.