You will need to contact your DNS hosting company and ask them to change your MX records and also add a CNAME.

Your DNS hosting company is usually your Registrar; where you purchased your domain, or the company that hosts your web site. If you are not aware of who hosts your DNS zone file, we recommend contacting the company hosting your web site.

Changing Your MX Records

You will need to change your MX records to reflect the following values: - 10 - 20 - 30 - 40


Note: For ‘customerdomain’ you should enter the primary domain for your account. For example, if your primary domain is ‘’, your first MX record will be ‘’.

Please ensure that ALL domain aliases are adjusted to reflect the updated settings.

Changing your SPF Record IN TXT "v=spf1 ~all"

For more information on SPF record benefits please click on the link below.

SPF Records and their Benefits

Changing your CNAME

In order for Exchange 2010 to function correctly, you will need to create a CNAME in your DNS records as indicated below.

autodiscover CNAME

Note: You will need to setup the Autodiscover CNAME in order to connect your full access mailboxes during the migration. 
The Follow-Up Details
ONLY after the DNS record changes have propagated throughout the Internet (this usually takes 24-48 hours), you will need to make the following changes.

1. Remove the POP account in Outlook.

2. Add a Mobile Device service in the Control Panel such as BlackBerry. The connection will not work until the DNS changes have propagated.

3. Add any other services that you would like to your account such as SharePoint, Archiving et cetera.

4. Congratulations, you have completed the migration steps!