Adding Web Overrides to Devices

Any device, regardless of its status, can have URLs that have been blocked. Follow this procedure to add a web override to any device.

To add a web override to a device:

  1. Log in to the management console.
  1. Click the Groups tab.
  1. Select the device that has blocked URLs that you want to override.

The Status Panel for the device you selected displays.

  1. Click the Blocked URLs tab to display the following columns:
  • URL — The URL that has been blocked.
  • Category — The type of URL that has been blocked. For more information about the categories of websites, see Webroot's Category Descriptions.
  • Reputation — The reputation of the URL that has been blocked. For more information about the reputation of websites, see Webroot's Reputation Descriptions.
  • User Action — TBD.
  • Date — The date the URL first displayed in the list.
  • Actions — Displays the Create New Entry window, where you can enter information to create a web override.

Note: Only when there are blocked URLs does the additional functionality display. If there are no blocked URLs, then only the URL column displays.

  1. Click the Action icon.

The Create New Entry window displays.

  1. In the URL column, the URL that is blocked displays. Alternately, you can enter a new URL to apply the web override to.
  1. From the Global or Site Override drop-down menu, select one of the following to determine whether to create the web override at the management console or Site level:
  • GSM Global Web Override
  • Site Name
  1. When you're done, click the Create button.

The system creates the web override.