Viewing Device Summaries

Within a group, you can have one or more endpoints. Within the panel, you can quickly view the Name, Status, Policies Applied, Last Seen, and Last Infected.

Follow this procedure to view additional information about a device such as a summary, infections encountered, and if there are any blocked URLs.

To view device summaries:

  1. Log in to the management console.
  1. Click the Groups tab.
  1. In the left column, select the site that contains the group and device you want to view information about.

  1. In the Devices panel, select the device that you want to view information about.

The Summary panel displays the following information:

    • Status and Last Seen
    • Summary
    • Infections Encountered
    • Blocked URLs
    • Scan History

Status and Last Seen

The Device Info column on the left displays the name of the device, as well as the following information:

  • Displays an icon that indicates, by color, the status of the endpoint.
    • Status — The status of the endpoint.
    • Last Seen — The date the endpoint last checked in with the system.

Summary Tab

  • The version number
  • Site Information
  • Operating System
  • Network Information
  • Protection
  • Properties
  • Shields

Infections Encountered Tab

Click the Infections Encountered tab to display information about infections that the device encountered:

  • Filename
  • Pathname
  • Malware Group
  • Last Seen
  • Actions

Blocked URLs Tab

Contains a list of URLs that have been blocked from that endpoint.

Scan History Tab

Displays information about all the scans that have taken place, including any threats that have been found during the scan. For more information, see Displaying Scan Histories.