Creating Web Overrides

Follow this procedure to create a web override that will override the default classifications of the default Web Threat Shield Protection functionality.

To create a web override:

  1. Log in to the management console
  1. Click the Overrides tab.
  1. Click the Web Block / Allow List tab.

The Web Block / Allow List tab displays.

  1. Click the Add button.

The Create New Entry window displays.

  1. In the Domains field, enter the URL that you want to add as a web override.

Note: When you are entering the URL, you do not have to enter any protocols such as www, http, or https. Also, wildcards are now supported in this field.

  1. In the Scope area, select one of the following radio buttons to determine at which site you create the override:
    • Global — Makes this entry available for all sites that have the Include Global Overrides checkbox selected in their site settings. For more information, see Editing Site Settings.
    • Site — Applies the web override to the specific site that you have selected.
  1. If you selected the Site radio button, select a site from the Site drop-down menu.

Note: If your site has DNS Protection, see Creating DNS Protection Overrides in the in the Working With Block Pages and Overrides section in the DNS Protection Admin Guide.

  1. When you're done, click the Create button.