You can move endpoints into a different group, as described in this section. You can move individual endpoints or an entire group of endpoints.


To move endpoints between groups group:


  1. Click the Group Management tab.

  2. From the Groups panel on the left, select the group that contains the endpoints you want to move.

    Note: For this procedure you must select a specific group, not All Endpoints.


  1. From the Endpoints panel on the right, select one or more endpoints.

    Note: You can select all endpoints within the selected group by selecting the Hostname checkbox at the top of the list.


  1. From the Command bar, click the Move endpoints to another group icon.

    Note: If the group has more than one page of endpoints, the dialog prompts you to apply the policy either to the endpoints on the current page or to all pages of endpoints.

    The Move endpoints to which groups? window displays.


  1. From the Group drop-down arrow, select the group and click the Save button.

  2. Click the group you selected from the left panel. Make sure all the endpoints are displayed in the Endpoints panel on the right.