To view all the URLs that have been blocked by Webroot’s SecureAnywhere Web Threat Shield, generate the All URLs Blocked Report. You can also generate this report to see which endpoints have visited sites that have been classed as Bad URLs and have been blocked.


You can modify the report data as follows:

  •     View all Blocked URLs within a selected group, which is helpful if you need to narrow search results to a specific set of endpoints.
  •     View all Blocked URLs within a selected Policy, so that you can see which Policy settings may need amending.

To generate the All URLs Blocked report:

  1. From the Endpoint Protection console, click the Reports tab.

  2. From the Report Type drop-down menu, select All URLs Blocked.

  3. To include a specific time period or to include deactivated and hidden endpoints in the report, select the Time Period and Include deactivated and hidden checkboxes. 

  4. If you have selected a Time Period, enter the specific date that you want the report to be run against. This is an optional step.

    Note: This report can now be up for any period up to 90 days.

  5. When you’re done, click the Submit button to generate the report. 

    The report results display on the right side with the following information:

    • URLs that have blocked
    • Category of the block
    • Reputation
    • Hostname
    • User action
    • Date/Time of the block.