The following article provides the process for purchasing Perpetual Software from Microsoft, and managing your purchase history.

The Microsoft 365 Service Page

  1. Log in to the Commerce Platform using any Internet browser at

  2. Navigate to the desired account, and then click on the My Services page in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on the Microsoft vendor band.
  4. Click on the Perpetual Software tab.

Purchasing New Software

The following is the process for purchasing a new Perpetual Software product.

  1. Under the Perpetual Software tab of the Microsoft Service page, search and/or browse for your desired software product.
  2. Enter the desired quantity, and click the Add button to add the product to your cart.
  3. Repeat the process for any additional products. Once you have selected all of the products you wish to purchase, click on the Continue to purchase button to proceed.
  4. Review your order, and click the Confirm Order button when you are ready to proceed.
  5. Your purchase will now be submitted to Microsoft for completion. This process typically takes a few minutes, but can take longer if Microsoft is experiencing periods of heavy volume.

Once Microsoft has completed the order, you will be able to view the purchased products and any corresponding license keys in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center under the Billing > Your Products page.

Viewing your Order History

The following is the process for viewing your past software purchases. The Order History page also provides the ability to cancel placed orders if they are within the cancellation period.

Under the Perpetual Software tab of the Microsoft Service page, click on the Order History button.

  • Past orders will be displayed in the list, sorted most recent purchases first. Click on a product to view more details.
  • If a product is within the Cancellation window, a Cancel Product button will show in the order details.
  • Clicking the Cancel Product button will display the following confirmation window. Click on the Confirm Cancellation button to complete the cancellation.
  • Archived orders can be viewed by clicking the Archived Orders button.
  • The Order History list and Archived Orders list can be exported and downloaded by clicking on the Export all orders to .CSV button on each page.