1. To begin, log in to your Control Panel at http://cp.securembox.com using your accounts administrative credentials or user address assigned administrative privileges. 

2. Under My Users, select User List / Editor.

3. Highlight the user whose password that you wish to change, then click on the small yellow shield symbol to change the mailbox password. The password must be at least 6 characters in length and the following characters are not permitted ",;:'\/!@$&* . Click Submit Changes when complete.

If you have forgotten your administrative password and unable to login as the admin@customerdomain.com credentials, please submit the account information listed below to support@sasshost.net

  •  Account ID and Billing address
  • Two most recent invoices numbers and amounts.

Change Password Using the Outlook Web App


1. Log into the OWA portal at http://na02.msexchangeoutlook.com.


2. Click the 'Settings' icon in the top right corner.


3. In the drop down menu provided, select 'Change Password'.


4. To change your password, you will need to enter the current password into the field provided. Additionally, you will need to enter the desired password twice in the fields provided.


5. Click 'Save' when you are complete.