Each user who has Exchange enabled can be granted different access levels or types of mailbox (Full Exchange, Web and POP3). You may change these access levels at any time. Please see the instructions below in order to change the access type for a user.

Note: Down grading an access type from Full Access to Web Access will also down grade the current quota limit. This is not recommended as can set the mailbox to full and inaccessible.

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel at 

2. Under My Current Services, select Microsoft Exchange.

3. From the Service Management column, Click on Mailboxes.

4. From the Mailbox List, select the mailbox you wish to edit then click the Edit Mailbox link form the top of the column.

5.  From the Mailbox Access Section, select the desired Mailbox Type. 

6. Select Submit Changes when finished. 

Note: Please allow up to 2 hours for these changes to take effect.