With the new Microsoft Exchange 2013 service, you have the ability to enable Public Folders for your customer. Public Folders are a good way for your customer to share calendars, contacts and documents with their organization. The following article illustrated how to enable this service.

1. Log into your Partner Control Panel at

2. Under My Customers, select Customer List to display your customers accounts.

3. Select the desired customer account and select Login as Customer.

4. Under the My Current Services section, click on Public Folder.

5. To begin creating a new public folder, select the Create New Folder button. Create the folder name and choose the user that will be set as the owner. The owner will be the user that will be in charge of providing permission to anyone else located in the customer organization. When completed select Add public folder.

NOTE: We strip permissions for all users for your security.
Do not grant permissions to 'Anonymous' or 'Default' or your sensitive information may be accessible to others on the network.