The following illustrated article instructs you on how to configure your Partner account to integrate with ConnectWise. The ConnectWise service fully integrates business-process automation, help desk and customer service, sales, marketing, project management, and business analytics that is designed to streamline operations.

1. Using any browser, navigate to and sign in using your partner administrative credentials.

Under the My Menu section, navigate to Partner Configuration and select the drop down arrow to reveal Vendor Management.

Under Vendor Management, you can now select ConnectWise from the PSA drop-down menu to begin configuring your control panel to integrate with the ConnectWise service. You must be a ConnectWise member to properly integrate your control panel.

  • URL Location/IP Address - The URL or IP address provided by ConnectWise (Example:
  • Company ID - The Account ID associated with your ConnectWise Account.
  • Username - The username used to log into your ConnectWise Account.
  • Password - The password of your ConnectWise account.
  • Professional Service Sync - Allows you to pull all Products from ConnectWise into the Control Panel's Professional Service Catalog and marks them with ConnectWise check-boxes separating them from existing services.

Click Save Settings when complete.

To begin synchronizing your ConnectWise Companies, you will first need to create a company within the ConnectWise Application. To download this application click HERE.

Once the application is installed and you have logged into the application, select Companies then the + symbol to create a new company.

You will need to fill out the following required fields to successfully synchronize your new company to your partner control panel.

  • Company - The desired Company Name that will also reflect in the control panel
  • Site - By default, the site field will state Main.
  • Type - To properly synchronize your new company, you will need to select the type as Customer-CloudPlus. Failure to add this type will fail synchronization.
  • Company ID - The desired ID you wish the company to be listed as within ConnectionWize. This ID will also be reflected within the control panel.
  • Territory - The location the company will be placed within ConnectionWise. By default, the new company will be placed under My Accounts.

7.  Click the Save button when you have completed the company creation.

8. From within the partner portal, navigate back to My Menu > Partner Configuration > Vendor Management. You can now click the Sync / Re-Sync button to populate the newly created company to your partner's Customer List.

9. You are done. You should now see your newly created company listed under Customer List.