This article illustrates the steps needed to create a new user and apply a Microsoft 365 License to that user. If you have not yet enabled your account for Microsoft 365, Please review the following article:

Enabling New Microsoft 365 Services

How to Create a User

1. Log into the Control Panel at with your administrative credentials.

2. Under 'My User', click on 'Create New User'.

3. You will need to fill out all required fields in order to create a user. Those fields are:

Primary Contact Information

  • First and Last name: First and Last Name of the user or department.
  • Display Name: How this user will be displayed to others and in Outlook.
  • Company: Will auto fill to match the customer account. 
  • Job Title: If the user holds any specific departmental title.

General Information

  • Email: The email address this user will use.
  • Alternative Email: Used for forgot password recovery as an alternative address.
  • Standard Address Fields: Country State, City, Zip, Street Address and Phone number should be fields in.


  • Password: Set the user password Manually or by Email Link. All password should adhere to internet standards and be at least 8 characters in length, consisting of 1 Upper and Lowercase Letter, 1 Number and 1 Symbol.

User Profile Image and Roles

  • Set Profile Image: You can choose any image that does not exceed 2 MB in total size.
  • Roles: Set the permission level for this user.

4. When all required fields have been filled in, select 'Save User Profile'.

How to set a Microsoft 365 License to a User

1. While logged into your Control Panel, select the User List Under My Users.

2. Select the desired user from the list and Click on the small Gear and Choose 'Edit User Details'.

3. Under the Services tab, you will see another small Gear Icon, Click it and Choose Configure Services.

4. Under the License Assignment Tab, choose the desired Microsoft 365 license. For a break down of the most common licenses available to you please visit our "Microsoft 365 License Break Down page".

5. Click Process when complete.

Please Note that it can take anytime between 25 minutes to 2 hours for the provisioning process to be complete by Microsoft.